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Helping Influencers Write Books that Matter

Mseuga Tese

Executive Director of Integrated Solutions Angola Lda


Working with Ezra on my book project was an incredible experience. Despite our different professional and cultural backgrounds, Ezra was able to capture my voice perfectly, exceeding all of my expectations.

Kristin Hackler

Director of Book Planning at Advantage Media | Forbes Books


Ezra Byer has an incredible ability to connect with authors. His attentive listening leads him to ask questions and guide conversations in a way that opens up insightful and intriguing aspects of an author's work, and results in an intuitive capturing of the author's vision on the page.

George Parente

Parente (1).png

CEO of DTG Consulting Solutions

Ezra helped me write my first book, which is coming out later this summer. While working with him, I immediately noticed that he has a true gift of listening and gaining an understanding of me on a deep level. His ability to relate to me helped bring the stories in my book to life. Ezra shed light and insight into the motivating factors behind many of the important issues that serve as the main theme in my book. He inspired me to write, and his help in shaping my book was invaluable. 

Brooke Pfautz

Founder at Vintory


I can't thank Ezra enough for his exceptional ghostwriting services. Ezra's ability to transform my thoughts, webinars, presentations, and blogs into two incredible books was nothing short of remarkable. His writing style is not only fantastic, but also incredibly easy to read, making the books accessible to a wide range of readers. What impressed me the most was his talent for weaving in captivating stories that made the books truly remarkable. Thanks to Ezra's expertise, my first book became a best seller in three categories on Amazon. I wholeheartedly recommend Ezra to anyone in need of a skilled ghostwriter. His professionalism, creativity, and ability to capture your voice are unmatched. 

berra (2).png

Past Chairman at Emerson Process Management

John Berra

I highly recommend Ezra Byer as both a writer and a person to work with. In the writing process, he listened carefully and was able to capture my “voice.” He also was a huge help in keeping me from getting into the technical weeds. The book was intended for general audiences. As a person, he is great to work with. We did everything by Zoom and I enjoyed our sessions. He turned things around quickly, always met deadlines, and never once tried to reschedule a session. I would gladly work with him again. 

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