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Hi there,

My name is Ezra Byer and for the past several years I've served as an editor, ghostwriter, and book planner for Fortune 500 CEOs, non-profit leaders, healthcare workers, academic influencers, and those in government.


While much of my personal writing is faith-based, my work with clients has taken me on a journey into many different spheres of influence. Some of these include personal memoirs, entrepreneurial life adventures, and books on business leadership.


When partnering with someone on a writing project, I value working with people who are consistent, communicative, and clear. It also doesn't hurt if they have a good sense of humor. I often say I like to work with authors and not just for them. Writing a book requires a lot of work, and I want to work with people who are eager to publish, will provide timely feedback, and are clear on what they want to achieve. If this sounds like you, we might be a great fit! 

I pattern my writing style off of Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor, Shani Raja. In Writing with Flair, he says elite writers should combine a mixture of simplicity, clarity, elegance, and evocativeness. Thus, I try to use clear language, shorter sentences, descriptive illustrations, and thought-provoking lingo. 


I'm also an avid reader and enjoy books on education, business, faith, and leadership. And as someone who files thousands of quotes each year, I’m able to add outside voices to strengthen your work. Some of my favorite authors include Malcolm Gladwell, Brene Brown, Mark Batterson, Jim Collins, Seth Godin, and Patrick Lencioni. I'm also a certified John Maxwell Life Coach, and his writings have impacted my perspective on business and leadership. 


If you were to ask me for one of my core strengths as an author, I would say it is my diverse perspective. As someone who…


  • Holds a PhD in Intercultural Studies, I will ensure the thesis of your book is rooted in fact.

  • Has worked in non-profit organizations for over a dozen years, I will keep your content grounded in reality.

  • Works with high-performing business leaders each week, I will make certain your book answers the toughest questions your critiques have.

  • Is a dual citizen of Canada and the US, I am able to offer an international perspective to your content.


These combined experiences help me distinguish your writing from other existing books, and ensure your content reaches a wide audience of readers from different backgrounds.

My goal as a ghostwriter is to listen closely to each author I work with and do my best to mirror their voice. If I work with you, I want my words to match your tone, style, and personality so that you can be confident in handing your book to people who know you well and those who know you from a distance.


Not everyone is a writer or has the time to produce compelling content. It's easy to stare at a blank screen, hopelessly wishing inspiration will magically descend in a cloud of pixie dust from the heavens. I’ve been there. But this is where I can help.


Together, I will help you press through your writing barriers and turn your concepts into a finished product. Chances are, you already have a great idea. Now all you need is someone who can help you take that idea and turn it into reality.



Ezra Byer (

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