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Writing Stages

Step 1 | Master Book Plan 

The goal of this stage is to create a 10-15 page outline of your manuscript that will serve as the foundation of your book.  

Step 4 | Developmental Edit of The Second Third

Building off the content created in the first third, this section is about pressing through the "marathon of the middle."

Step 2 | Developmental Edit of Chapter 1

This step is all about creating a strong hook for readers that will make them want to keep reading. It's establishing your tone and style that will serve as a template for future chapters. 

Step 5 | Developmental Edit of The Final Third

Now the end is in sight. At the end of this stage, you will have a full developmental edit of your manuscript.

Step 3 | Developmental Edit of The First Third

If your manuscript has nine chapters, this section might include Chapters 1-3.  

Step 6 | Line Edit

The line edit phase weeds out needless repetition, ensures the main point is emphasized in each chapter, and eliminates most typos or grammatical errors. At the end of this stage, your manuscript will be ready to pitch to a publisher.

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