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Editing Services

Developmental Edit

A developmental edit is about getting your ideas on a page. Maybe you have PowerPoint Slides on your computer, notes on your iPhone, or some good ideas in your head. Now you need someone who will help you construct your thoughts into a book format.  

Book Doctoring

Perhaps you've already written a manuscript, but you need someone to "doctor" the material to ensure it meets the highest standards. 

Line Edit

A line edit helps weed out needless repetition, clunky sentences, or grammatical errors and ensures the main message of your manuscript resonates in each section. 

Copy Edit

A copy edit adds a final polish to your manuscript. It cleans up any final grammatical errors, typos, or formatting challenges that might exist after the line edit stage. While I do not offer copy editing services, there are some wonderful individuals I can recommend. 

Are you interested in one or more of these service?

If so, reach out to me and let me know which ones!

Thanks for submitting!

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